Vivek Bindra


Mr.Vivek Bindra is a revolutionary entrepreneur, international motivational speaker, leadership consultant & CEO Coach who set up his dream Organization “Global ACT” ™, which is a highly evolved Training and consulting Organization since 2011 and is steering the organization to new heights of excellence.Mr. Vivek Bindra has been a trusted advisor for over 500 corporates to several high profile entrepreneurs, businessmen, corporate houses and top notch business entities providing critical and sensitive business improvement intelligence for growth and success.

Mr. Bindra has continually inspired and motivated over 6, 00, 000 people in their daily lives, and has helped them realize their true potential. He has enthralled and captivated thousands with his charismatic persona and unmistakable charm. His electrifying energy levels levitates the enthusiasm and engagement index of the listeners manifold.

Mr. Vivek Bindra has authored more than 10 high power motivational books. From leadership to inspiration to sales, Mr. Bindra has scripted an indelible success story through his prolific writings. Mr. Bindra’s books are available at all leading bookstores across the country and can also be purchased online.


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