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Prince Verma is an Indian motivational speaker, corporate trainer, business consultant, radio jockey and author. Prince Verma’s achievements in different fields are featured on various TV channels, premier newspapers and magazines in India. His motivational seminars are full of energy and lots of big companies invite him to speak to their events. He has spoken for the world’s biggest organizations like Nike, Microsoft, HP etc. He is a leader in the field of human potential, an entrepreneur, and founder of The Success In You. His sessions are interactive, positive and knowledgeable not in just terms of personal growth but also in financial growth.

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Prince Verma is one of the youngest & fastest business coach & motivational speaker in India. It is Prince Verma s continuing goal to create value-driven strategies through executive advisory and public speaking programs and provide organizations with the necessary means to attain their objectives and achieve the unthinkable. As a motivational speaker, Prince Verma delivers rock-solid content to his audiences. Using stories, illustrations, and examples drawn from both history and his own experiences, he captures audience’s attention and creates a learning environment that is both enjoyable and educational.

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